IronRock partners with developers to create and preserve affordable and market rate developments. We provide creative solutions, including high pricing, flexible pay-in schedules and bridge financing to bring deals to the closing table. We also provide developers with certainty that our funds are available per the commitment schedules put in place, and can accelerate payments when warranted.

Since 2010, we’ve acquired a quarter billion dollars in state tax credits from multiple states across the country. Based on the strength of our referral network, we expect this geographic presence to continue growing. On state credit deals, we allow the federal syndicator to “drive the bus” on deal terms and piggy back with their efforts on due diligence.

With federal historic or renewable credits, IronRock is in a unique position to close deals that may be too small for banks and investors. Many of our investors are real estate professionals or have passive income and can utilize the federal credits to offset federal income tax liabilities.

IronRock has a strong balance sheet and unique access to capital. With that comes financial stability and an ability to invest in deals or provide other services (mezzanine debt, flexible pay-in schedules) that others cannot.

We know that developers have a lot to manage in bringing a real estate deal to the closing table. IronRock does its best to ensure that our share – whether it be tax credit equity in an affordable or historic deal or an investment in a market rate development – has attractive terms, is quickly approved, and is available when needed.