IronRock locates opportunities that provide attractive benefits to our investors and works with accounting firms, wealth management firms, and other referral partners to link high-net-worth individuals with tax credits. Depending on the development opportunity, IronRock can offer investors state or federal tax credits, cash flow, losses, and sale proceeds.

Using state tax credits as an example, the benefits for investors include a $1.00 tax credit for a $0.80 – $0.95 investment (depending on the program). These rewards far outweigh the downside risk – namely, the unlikely recapture of tax credits if the developer does not remain compliant with underlying regulations. Developments are carefully chosen and the developer is scrutinized by multiple parties (e.g. the state, lender, federal syndicator and state syndicator) prior to construction and throughout operation. Therefore, recapture risk is limited; the industry recapture average is close to 0%, and none of IronRock’s credits sold have ever been recaptured.

Our team provides clear outlines to investors upfront, and works hard to ensure the entire sales and closing process are as seamless and flexible as possible. We also offer a unique reservation system where investors can reserve tax credits early in the year by paying a small percentage of money down. This gives our investors a peace of mind in knowing that their credits will be set aside until they are ready to close later in the year.